What does a blanket need to become a flying carpet?

When does textile become an artwork?

What is the moment the space equals Foucault’s boat, a place without a place?

Traveling structures, nomadic moments of art that defy stagnation through the act of transforming into other media, melting into different environments or even through becoming a backdrop for the work of the others.

We embrace art that disperses and develops. We see an artwork as neither here nor there, simultaneously physical and mental, opening up to the possibilities of discussion and change.

pcnc_bay is initiated by Anna Holtz, Lucia Elena Prusa and Manuel Scheiwiller. Since april 15th 2015 in relationship with Simon Speiser






04/07/15 pcnc_bay at un verano en Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico
30/05/15 pcnc_bay: mercy of the moon with S ¿ I ? S, One in a million, Mainz
18/04/15 pcnc_bay: Vytautas at Oracle, Berlin, PROVENCE prod. by Diffusion Line and pcnc_bay. Reading the PROVENCE SUMMER READER: AFTER

DARK02/15 pcnc_bay at sun prequel, groupshow with Rani Bageria, Lorenzo Bernet, Jürgen Kleft, Lennart Schweder, Nino Sakandelidze curated by Hanno

Schnegg/ wellwellwell, Vienna
11/14 pcnc_bay invisible at INSOMNIA – EXTENDED CLUB / Kunsthalle Vienna, Karlsplatz
10/14 pcnc_bay´s invisible bar at bisoux(xxx)tage: an anti-bizutage event playing on hazing tropes and initiation processes featuring a Skype lecture by Swedish

choreographer Mårten Spångberg and music by Požemis / Rupert, Vilnius, Lithuania
09/14 pcnc_bay XIII: Pessimistische Cräuter Nebelsuppen Chakra - Sad herbs foggy chakras with Reto Pulfer / Toves Galleri, Kopenhagen
08/14 pcnc_bay at TICKLE AND TOUCH WORKSHOP / Dance Web Space, Impuls Dance Festival, Arsenale, Vienna
05/14 pcnc_bay at INSOMNIA - EXTENDED CLUB / Kunsthalle Vienna, Karlsplatz
05/14 pcnc_bay for CAM4ultimate / Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
05/14 pcnc_bay XII: Mixtape group exhibition / dumpf sprudelnder Springteppich with with Alejandro del Valle-Lattanzio, d3signbur3au, Elin Gonzalez with

Yanik Soland & Manuel Schneider, Mr. Peña, Forever Traxx, Gabriel Barbi, Grégoire Blunt / Emmy Skensved, Hanno Schnegg, Jan Vorisek, Julian Tromp, Lonely

Boys, Masami Tomihisa / Lary Seven, O,S, Richard Nikl, Superskin, Ulrike Buck, WBW, Zayne Armstrong / Ve.Sch, Vienna
03/14 pcnc_bay * Windanhalter / Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico
02/14 pcnc_bay XI: Dünne Wand, kurzes Ei with Elisabeth Greinecker / Prater Pavilion, Vienna
12/13 pcnc_bay X: S/S 2014 with Raju and Nora Rekade / Showroom Landstrasse / S-Bahn Station Vienna Center
11/13 pcnc_bay IX: Ich bin zwar nicht die einzige betrunkene Decke hier, aber die einzige die zu dir spricht with Sita Subramanian and Mr. Subramanian / Bar du

Bois, Vienna
10/13 pcnc_bay in relationship with young girl reading group by d3signbur3au / Berlin
10/13 pcnc_bay VIII: TON GINIC with Janneke Raaphorst, Egle Kulbokaite, Carl Palm, or STUDIO BAR #3: This Bloody Tonic & Gin & Mary / Hökarängen,

Stockholms Län, Sweden
09/13 pcnc_bay VII: Night Train to Cannaregio
08/13 pcnc_bay VI: Architektonisches Gespenste with Natsuko Uchino part of “VIEW FROM A BATHROOM”, MEET AT THE PUBLIC SPACE / l’ile de

Vassiviere, France
08/13 pcnc_bay V: Pane e Pietre (Sotto… sotto… strapazzati da anomala passione) / Bread and Stones (Deep down… worn out by abnormal passion) with

Marco Bruzzone and Elise Lammer / Insel der Jugend, Treptower Park, Berlin
08/13 pcnc_bay IV: Verdecktes Vögeleis with Noële Ody / Donauinsel, Vienna
07/13 pcnc_bay III: Eigentlich Ingwer with Sören Hiob / Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
06/13 pcnc_bay II: Das unendliche Brot / Karlsplatz, Vienna11/12 pcnc_bay with Contemporary Cruising at Les Urbaines / Lausanne, Switzerland
09/12 pcnc_bay at PLANT LIFE ZEN SOUND invited by HHDM, Struktur & Organismus / Mühldorf/Wachau, Austria
08/12 pcnc_bay I: Lower East Side Picnic / A Selection of Proportions & Flavors / Stadtpark, Vienna